Canada is known for being a caring, sympathetic nation. Its national healthcare system, genuine politicians and collaborative citizens are all invested in the welfare of the average person. So it’s not surprising that the maple leaf nation puts mental health at the top of its priority list.

Here are 3 of the top mental health organizations in Canada:

1) Canadian Mental Health Association

Mental health is the study and care of psychological illness. Few institutions are as seasoned as the Canadian Mental Health Association. For almost 100 years, CMHA has combated mental health with its talented doctors, advanced research projects and informative newsletters.

Over 100,000 Canadians owe their emotional happiness to CMHA. The association is comprised of thousands of volunteers who use education, advocacy and awareness to change lives.

CMHA can be found in Ottawa, Ontario.

2) Canadian Psychiatric Association

Mental health is not like physical health. If you have a broken arm or asthma, the symptoms are obvious and the repercussions are quickly apparent. Mental health, however, can go undiagnosed for years, even an entire lifetime. Sufferers are brushed off as “different” or “not like us.”

The Canadian Psychiatric Association understands this dilemma. Mental health is a phantom problem that passes undetected through many medical fields. CPA wants to stop this. They create effective, information-based solutions for people whose emotional wellbeing is in jeopardy.

CPA is a voluntary association that was founded in the 1950s. In that half-decade, they have devoted themselves to the enhancement of families and individuals around the country. CPA is made up of over 4,000 trained, caring psychiatrists.

They are located in Ottawa, Ontario.

3) Mood Disorder Society of Canada

Many people in need of mental health “fall through the cracks.” Like with a physical wound, society just assumes mental abnormalities will be “taken care of.” But mental health doesn’t work that way. The Mood Disorder Society of Canada wants to close those cracks.

For 10 years, MDSC has had one vision: unity. The field of mental health has traditionally been a scattered, confused collection of individuals who want to contribute to the cause, but don’t know how.

MDSC has gathered those minds and deposited them into one location. Together, they are able to provide the best service to people with mood disorders, an affliction that affects over 20% of the world’s population.

MDSC calls Guelph, Ontario home.

Mental health impacts everyone. Family members, coworkers and neighbors all experience the ramifications. These 3 Canadian organizations are dedicated to softening the blow.

Spending a weekend out in the country offers many benefits for city dwellers. A short vacation out in nature is rejuvenating for the body, spirit, and mind. Studies show that both adults and children have a positive experience and improved mental attitude when they live in nature, if only for a weekend. Check the possibility torent a cottage in nature. Several sites offer cottages for rent, like RSVPCottages for example.
One of the first things you will notice once you leave the city behind is the quiet. There are no fire engines roaring by or cars with honking horns. This cacophony turns to a symphony of singing birds and leaves rustling in a breeze. If you choose a vacation cottage or an inn near water, you hear the soothing sounds of waves or a babbling brook or stream. These sounds calm and relax your body and mind while promoting good mental health. With fewer noisy distractions, you can think more clearly, contemplate your life choices, and sort through problems. Nature gives you the peace and solitude to reduce your stress levels.

Another way to alleviate tension and stress is with meditation. You can meditate while in nature by just monitoring your inhales and exhales. The air quality is better in the country so take deep breaths. Deep breathing is also relaxing for the entire body. In addition to meditating, you can also exercise. Running and biking are obvious choices, but you can also do yoga or T’ai Chi. Physical activity also helps the mind by producing endorphins which give you a feeling of pleasures.

You can also improve your mood by simply strolling in nature and looking at the sights before you. Bird watching is a fun hobby as is nature photography or painting. You can also take nature walks with tour guides who point out various species of trees, plants, and flowers. Some tours teach you to locate edible plants or herbs or teach you about the indigenous wildlife. By doing something enjoyable, you are taking care of yourself which help your mental state.

A short time in nature can be a mini-vacation for your mind. After you return to your normal life, you feel refreshed and are in a more positive mental outlook.

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