Air Conditioner & Furnace Matched Systems


No matter where you live in North America you will be subject to various temperature extremes throughout the year. Even if you live in the mountains there will still be hot days in the summer and those who live at lower altitudes will still experience some bitter cold days in the winter. That is why it is always ideal for people to have air conditioner & furnace matched systems in their home. An HVAC unit offers unmatched convenience, performance and efficiency for those that own them.

It was mentioned that Air conditioner & furnace matched systems offer convenience to those that own them. How do they go about doing this? For one they are extremely easy to control. The controls for an HVAC unit are usually conveniently located in one central room in a home. From there the homeowner can control heating, cooling and air circulation at just the touch of a button. Most controls on HVAC systems can even be programmed to come on and off at certain times of day and some are so sophisticated that they can set different temperatures for different rooms in a home all from the main control unit.

What else is convenient about air conditioner & furnace matched systems? How about the fact that no matter what the weather is like outside a person that owns an HVAC system has the ability to adjust their home accordingly using the same controls. If there is an unusually hot day in the spring there is no having to do such things as installing a window air conditioner to meet their cooling needs; just a press of a button will provide the cool area required on those unexpected type days.

A person can really not beat the performance that owning air conditioner & furnace matched systems gives them either. It has to do with the fact these systems use forced air as the delivery method for bringing cooled or heated air to the rooms that it is needed in.

Forced air tends to fill the rooms it enters completely; there are no cold drafty zones or warm air pockets in the rooms that it heats and cools. This cannot be said about other types of individual air conditioning or heating systems.

Years ago Air conditioner & furnace matched systems were no more efficient than other types of equipment that heat and cool a person’s home but all that has changed dramatically. These days some very highly sophisticated and efficient HVAC systems can be found in the marketplace. Many HVAC that are now being produced have efficiency ratings that are over 90%. There are very few heating and cooling devices made that can boast about having that type of energy efficiency.

It goes without saying that those who own air conditioner & furnace matched systems have the best of both heating and cooling needs available to them at a press of a button at any time of the year they should need them.

Check Out These Summer Plumbing Tips

Looking for summer plumbing tips? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more.

Make sure you inspect your washing machine to see if it has hoses that are bulging, as well as for leaks and cracks. This is because you will be using your washing machine often throughout the summertime Also, every three years is when you should replace your washing machine hoses.

In order to prevent hoses from kinking and become damaged, you should move the washing machine about four inches away from the wall. Also, make sure you’re around when the washer is on. You don’t want to leave it running while you are not home.

plumbingYou may notice your ductwork sweating in humid weather, and this is because of condensation. Condensation can also be caused by leaks in the seams. What you want to do is make sure there is no water in the drain pan, if you have installation in the attic. If you notice there is water, then you can save your ceiling by contacting a professional.

Also, after you have done your cookout, be aware of what you put down your kitchen disposal because many cannot handle foods such as celery, banana peels and other types of stringy foods. Make sure you never put cooking oils and fats down the disposal because they can clog pipes, and before you use the disposal you should run cold water at high pressure for about 30 seconds. Stay away from instant potato mixes; when you add water, they will clog in an instance.

Also, when you’re on your vacation, you should turn up the temperature of your fridge and turn down the water heater’s temperature. Just make sure you don’t keep highly perishable foods when you do this. These foods include meat and dairy, as well as produce.

There is another thing you can do to keep your plumbing running properly. You can have your plumbing systems inspected annually. You want to stay on top of your plumbing, and scheduling an inspection is one of the best ways to do this.

Tips for Cooling Your Home While Saving On Power Bills

Most people are usually under the impression that purchasing a larger air conditioner will make them stay cooler during summer. Well, that is false! As a matter of fact, an air conditioner that is too large for the room it’s intended to cooling will function less effectively than a smaller or rather a unit of the right size. The reason behind this is because the overly large unit will cool the room to the set point even before the right dehumidification happens. This makes the room feel unpleasant and uncomfortable. As such, it is best to use an expert to install an air conditioner that best fits your room space

Well, if you already own a central air conditioner unit, it’s best to set the fan to turn off together with the compressor. This can be easily done by setting the fan to Auto Mode. Simply, use circulating fans in individual rooms instead of using the central unit’s fan to provide air circulation.

coolingIt’s also worth going for a whole house fan, rather than an air conditioner. Why? Because a whole-house fan will function in many climates and help you stay cool as it pulls cold air through the house while exhausting the warm air through the loft.

That being said, here are a couple of cooling tips that might be helpful:

1. You should avoid setting the thermostat at a cooler setting than usual when you switch on the air-conditioner. It will not cool the house any quicker and will only lead to excessive cooling.

2. During summers, you should set your thermostat at the most comfortable temperature and ensure humidity is controlled. The smaller the difference between the outdoor temperature and the indoor, the lower the cooling bill.

3. You should ideally avoid placing items that produce heat such as TVs and lamps near the thermostat.

4. Also, you can use an interior fan along with the air conditioner to efficiently spread the cool air through the room. This will significantly reduce the amount of power needed to cool your home.

Additional Tip

When your air conditioner ages, buy an energy efficient one. This will help you save on energy bills in the long run. Go for models with the EnergyGuide and ENERGY STAR® labels as they are 10% more efficient (for air conditioners) and 15% effective for central units compared to the standard ones.

Tips On How to Buy a Furnace

You can offset energy prices by replacing your old furnace with a new and more efficient model. Asides from saving money, newer furnaces are more environmental friendly and they can produce more heat than older models. Gas furnaces are still the most popular types used, and this is how to buy a good heating furnace

1. Get Estimates- Contacting various contractors is a smart move. This is who you get the best deal on a furnace. However, make sure you get estimates in writing.

2. Size Is Important- The size of the furnace matters, as one that is too small won’t provide you with enough heat during the cold winter months. You also want to avoid buying a furnace that is too big, as it will cycle on and off more often. This means you will waste energy and temperatures may vary, and let’s not forget to mentioned that a larger furnace requires larger ducts, usually.

What you want to do is look for a reputable contractor, as they will be able to help you determine what your heating needs are, and they will calculate what size furnace you need. They will also install it the right way. Once they have installed your furnace, you will want to maintain it in accordance to the recommendations of the manufacturer.

3. Efficiency Is Important- As previously mentioned, most central-heating systems are run on gas, and efficiency is important in a heating system. You want a furnace that has a high AFUE rating. Also, you may want to invest in an efficient furnace because it will generate fewer emissions.

heatingThe good news is that over the years, furnaces have become more efficient. For example, in 1970, a typical gas furnace may have had an AFUE rating of around 65 percent. Today, new gas furnaces have around 78 percent and the newer models have around 97 percent, which is impressive.

Furnaces that is very efficient will usually cost more than one that is not, but the good news is that you could end up saving money on fuel bills over the course of the furnace’s life. However, there are various factors in how long it will take for you to make a return on your investment, and the AFUE is just one factor. For example, the climate where you live and how insulated your home is are a few things that will determine how long it will take to recover your investment.

Buying a furnace is a big deal and you need to know how to buy one. The above information should help you find a good furnace to buy. If you keep all of the above in mind, then you should have no problem finding a good furnace that could end up saving you money.

Helpful Wintertime Furnace Maintenance Tips

During the winter months, your furnace happens to be one of the more important components of your home. You need to keep your family warm and to do so, it means having a furnace that runs properly. Regular maintenance will give you optimum heat output for your home without the risk of harmful emissions or wasting energy.

In order to make sure your heating system operates properly in your home when it is cold outdoors, you should think about the following tips:

Early Maintenance

furnace maintenance tipsIt always seems as though the coldest nights will be the time that a furnace fails. However, you can prevent this if you remain proactive and have regular maintenance done to your furnace once a year. Regular maintenance prior to heating season will be best. If the unit is one that cools as well, you should also do another check in the springtime before the weather heats up.

Do an Eye Test

Before working on your furnace, you want to give it a good visual inspection. Venting pipes need to be angled and securely fastened. Other tubes like the drainage for air conditioning components, need to be securely fastened. You can also smell the gas flex. If there is a rotten egg aroma, you could have some sort of gas leak with the furnace.

Check Out the Thermostat Wires

After the power has been turned off and the doors of the furnace removed, you can pull on the wires slightly to see if they are properly fitted and tight.

Vacuum and Dust

Debris, including dust and dirt, can get into your heating system and cause issues. To keep this from happening, you can use a paint brush with a soft tip and get into some of the inner components to remove dust and debris. Then you can use a portable vacuum to remove it all from the furnace.

Cleaning The Flame Sensor

A flame sensor that is dirty can keep the furnace from working at all. You need to clean this portion at least once per year by unscrewing the sensor and cleaning it with an emery cloth while holding it at the bottom. After the sensor is cleaned off, you can replace it and install the door again.

Use A Professional for Mechanical Maintenance

If you are uncomfortable with working on any of these tasks, you can bring in a professional to take on maintenance of your heating system Proper maintenance can be difficult to take on by yourself if you do not have a background in the field. Even if you feel that you can accomplish some of these maintenance tasks, it may be better to allow the professionals to take on the job to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Discover What a Ductless Split Air Conditioner Can Do

Technology keeps on moving forward. A ductless split air conditioner provides you ultimate home comfort all the time. It is also an efficient space-saving option than bulky traditional heat pumps, furnaces and ACs. It provides cooling to any home like a regular AC can provide

A ductless split air conditioner comes with a central unit outside that mainly controls the entire system. You can then connect up to four smaller units via a wall conduit. The best thing about this cooling system is that you no longer have to bother with a ductwork and losses associated with it.

ductless split air conditioner

Advantages of a Ductless Split Air Conditioner
Before, homeowners often only had bulky HVAC system as their only option in cooling or heating their home, and mostly placed in basements that likewise requires the installation of big metal ductwork over your home’s walls, ceilings and floors.

A ductless split air conditioner no longer requires ducts to distribute air all over your home. It won’t even take so much space for the unit itself. You only need to install a tiny ductless unit in places where you want home cooling or heating since you can now regulate the different room temperatures through a remote gadget. It gives you the power to cool spaces that you frequent and save money and energy on rooms you seldom stay in by turning the air conditioning off. Simply put, zoned cooling at its finest. You can now set a much higher temperature in one location and a lower one or completely turn off the gadget in vacant rooms. It provides homeowners plenty of alternatives and personalized heating and cooling configurations. All of your individual units can work on their own, thus lowering your overall energy consumption.

Moreover, you can use it more efficiently since the air no longer passes through the duct system, thereby avoiding as much as 20-30% energy loss brought about by uninsulated areas or cracks. This energy-efficient system likewise improves the indoor air quality because the air no longer passes through ducts. Hence, there will be less airborne particles and contaminants circulating in the air. So, if you have a family member who is suffering from certain allergies or lung conditions such as asthma, they will no longer be suffering from frequent asthma attacks.

It will also allow you to improve your home design and room arrangement since you can place them anywhere. You can even incorporate it into your room’s existing design.

Just bear in mind that when you choose a ductless split air conditioner, you’ll be spending around 30% higher than when you install a central AC, and probably twice as costly than a regular window AC. But when you think about, that extra investment will pay off in terms of energy-efficiency, savings and home cooling comfort. If your current home air conditioner has been with you for a long time and is up for a much-needed replacement, get a ductless split air conditioner for your home and enjoy all its benefits from now on.

Red Flags of a Furnace Service and Repair

Be familiar with the signs that indicate a furnace service and repair can no longer be ignored or delayed.

Most homes can’t live without a furnace especially during winter. That is the case if you live in places where the temperature can get dangerously low at this time of the year. But the downside is that energy cost consumes a big chunk of your finances because you leave your furnace running all day long. Add to that the fact that furnace service and repair is also becoming increasingly costly as each year passes. It is a good thing that technological advancements are now out on the market that will let you save on monthly utility bills without having to suffer in the cold once the winter season comes. To make the most out of your furnace, choose the right one for your home and maintain it regularly Also, be observant of potential signs that indicate a furnace service and repair is necessary to ensure a smooth-running and efficient furnace for as long as you can. Putting off important repairs and maintenance can put undue stress on your unit and make your utility bills skyrocket.

furnace service

Faulty furnaces won’t provide the heating comfort you so desperately need. But by acting right away and scheduling a furnace service and repair, you can have a furnace that works like it’s brand new and no longer have to pay for energy costs beyond what you used to.

Check out the following signs that will alert you that your furnace is no longer as efficient as it once was and a repair is needed as soon as possible:

A rise in gas and electrical bills – an inefficient furnace will cause your energy bills to skyrocket only because you failed to maintain it right. Once you notice your utility bill is a bit higher than usual, contact a furnace expert right away to see what’s wrong with your unit.

An unreliable thermostat – your thermostat probably needs checking if you constantly have to adjust it. It may be that some rooms are colder or hotter than others indicating distribution issues. Consider having it fixed first before thinking of a replacement.

Changes in the color of the flame – you should normally see a blue flame. If it turns to yellow, suspect that there’s a water leak, corroded flue pipes, chimney upward draft issues, soot streaks on the furnace, or excessive moisture. All these issues lead to carbon monoxide buildup on the furnace that will ultimately change the color of the flame. Ask a professional to check your furnace, and do the necessary repair or replacement. Also, a flickering flame is something you shouldn’t ignore.

Unusual noises – other home appliances that give off odd noises often indicates there’s a problem with the unit. Never ignore any rattling, banging, popping, or squealing sounds. It may be your blower that has a problem or other important furnace parts. Contact a licensed technician so that problems are fixed while you still can.

You can save lots of money and prolong the life of your furnace by having a furnace service and repair as soon as you detect that there’s something wrong with your system. Ask the help of a professional furnace expert to fix your furnace problem and make it efficient and reliable once more.

How to Opening a Plumbing Business

A plumbing business deals with small repairs such as leaking faucets or clogged toilets. However, it can likewise work on big projects like home renovations, city pipelines, hospital construction, and other housing developments. The plumbing sector encompasses workers like Plumbers, Pipefitters, Pipelayers, and Steamfitters. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a growth of 16% from 2008 until 2018 in this industry alone. As compared to other jobs, it has a faster growth and obviously endless possibilities for those considering on opening a plumbing business.

plumbing business

First Step:
Secure a license and a permit. Getting a license is vital when opening a plumbing business. There are some specialties with additional requirements asking candidates to be an apprentice for years before they sit in to take the plumbing exam that will lead them to licensure, as well as exams associated with your area’s local plumbing codes. Likewise, you can get further training in becoming licensed in energy efficiency and water-saving methodologies, advised the Bureau of Labor Statistics. When opening a plumbing business, you’ll also be required to secure a tax identification number, retail licenses, and liability insurance in case you will be selling equipment or parts to consumers.

Second Step:
Buy equipment. A reliable vehicle is necessary to get to your customer’s homes, and it must have sufficient space to transport various plumbing tools and equipment needed when carrying out different plumbing tasks. Meanwhile, when it comes to the business side of opening a plumbing business, it is crucial to buy a fax machine helpful when sending bids, and then phones, accounting software, office furniture, computers, GPS systems and latest maps.

Third Step:
Immerse yourself in the process of getting bids. Before sending proposals to possible customers, roam around to find out how your competitors do their biddings. Don’t forget to include some additional stuff like excavating and backhoe costs if you intend on getting subcontracts for projects requiring these kinds of equipment.

Fourth Step:
It’s time for good old advertising to let people know your business has arrived. Buy phone book advertisements and give away business cards to experts in related industries like those in general construction and electricity. When it comes to hiring a plumber, most homeowners depend on old-fashioned word-of-mouth, so establish loyalty programs that will enable your loyal customers to earn rebates or get free upgrades whenever they ask for your services once more and in the case of having referrals.

What you’ll need when opening a plumbing business:

  • Plumbing tests and exams
  • Plumbing license
  • Business license
  • Retail license
  • Liability insurance
  • Tax identification number
  • Plumbing equipment
  • Vehicle
  • Office equipment
  • Advertisement
  • Franchise fees
  • Loyalty programs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that those professionals in the plumbing industry should have a basic mastery of the Spanish language since, in some places, most of the construction workers are Spanish speaking.

Certain plumbing businesses can make room for growth by including HVAC installation, service, and repair. If you plan on including these services in your business offerings, secure applicable licenses and permits for such.

A Word of Caution:
It seems like the most convenient way of opening a plumbing business is to purchase an existing franchise. Don’t forget that the brand name they provide, along with subsequent training and support, has its cons such as the payment of franchise charges, and not having a say in designing the structure of the business. With these tips to arm you, opening a plumbing business is not that challenging anymore, and success is soon within your reach.